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• Proto King of the Hill 2012

Get yourself hooked on competition-style paintball with the friendliest, easiest and most cost-effective introduction to Sup´Air, team-based paintballing events: The Proto King of the Hill series.

Consisting of four exciting events throughout 2012, the Proto KotH has been specifically designed to give newcomers to competition paintball the best possible experience at a sensible price. These events are organised by the same people who run the NatWest Southern Paintball League, the South´s leading tournament league, so you can be assured of the very best quality for your money.

Mission Statement
The King of the Hill (KotH) series is a tournament format designed specifically for introducing new players to the competition side of paintball. Our aim is to enable players to try the tournament format with minimal fuss and cost whilst enjoying the best possible experience. In addition, we strive to encourage more paintball venues to look at the walk-on and tournament market as a valid additional source of income with the long-term objective of developing this scene in the UK for the benefit of everyone involved in the industry and sport.

Let's talk money, because this is where the Proto KotH can really help. With a limited paint format, fixed low prices including quality paintballs, free-to-loan tournament grade equipment and unrivalled value for money, the Proto KotH will cost about the same as a normal days paintball at your local centre. That's right, for about £50 per player, you can participate in an exciting event featuring heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping tournament paintball games that will leave you wanting more. Find out more by checking out our Format and Rules page.

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